This manuscript is thought to date from before Alcuin's arrival at the abbey of Marmoutiers (or Saint-Martin de Tours) in 796, on the basis of the owner inscription (see Provenance). It is one of the surviving witnesses of the early collaboration between Insular and Continental scribes at the Benedictine abbey of Marmoutiers (see Gasnault, 'L'ex-libris du VIIIe siècle' (1971)). Contents: ff. 1v-143v: St Jerome, Commentarium in Isaiam,  book 14 to book 18: book 14 (ff. 1v-26v), book 15 (ff. 26v-48r), book 16 (ff. 48r-78v), book 17 (ff. 78v-109r), and book 18 (ff. 110r-143v), beginning: 'Dominus qui respicit terram et fecit eam tremae'. The last lines are partially erased (f. 143v). Decoration: Drawing in brown ink of a nimbed figure (f. 109v). Zoomorphic initial in brown ink with a fish (f. 1v). Large initial in brown ink with penwork decoration (f. 78v). Small initials in brown. The incipit and explicit are written in an uncial script.