Contents:These leaves were formerly part of Cotton MS Caligula A VII, foliated: ff. 3r-10v.; they were removed in 1931 and are now stored separately as Cotton MS Caligula A VII/1. The eight leaves originally probably formed part of a prefatory cycle in a Psalter were originally bound as a preface to a 10th-century manuscript of the Heliand  poem, Cotton MS Caligula A VII. These leaves are eight painted miniatures of scenes from the infancy of Christ: the Annunciation (f. 3r); the Visitation (f. 4v); the Nativity (f. 5r); the Annunciation to the Shepherds (f. 6v); the Massacre of the Innocents (f. 7r); the Presentation in the Temple (f. 8v), the Adoration of Magi (f. 9r) and the Baptism of Christ (f. 10v).