This manuscript contains one of only two non-fragmentary surviving manuscripts of the poem Heliand , an account of the life of Jesus in Old Saxon epic verse. It ends imperfectly, in the middle of the account of the journey to Emmaus. The volume includes: f. 1: part of a memorandum dated 1371-72 written in Anglo-Norman French, with instructions in English for binding a manuscript written underneath in an early modern hand. There are two unfoliated leaves between ff. 1 and 2. f. 2: early modern table of contents. ff. 3-10, containing leaves from a Psalter, have been removed and are now contained in Cotton MS Caligula A VII/1.  ff. 11-175v: Heliand , an Old Saxon Biblical epic copied perhaps in England in the middle or 2nd half of the 10th century. There is an unfoliated, blank leaf between ff. 175 and 176.  ff. 176r-178r: a charm for fields and to ensure fruitful land ( �cerbot ), copied in the 1st half of the 11th century. Decoration: Zoomorphic initials in blue, red, yellow, pink and green (ff. 11r, 21v, 35r, 36v, 39r, 41v, 43v, 132r). Zoomorphic initial in black (f. 46r). Display capitals in red on yellow and blue backgrounds (ff. 11r, 132r). Initials with red and yellow fills and decoration (ff. 13r, 15r, 17r). Initials in black, s� Text continues in the catalogue record