Royal MS 6 C VIII originally formed part of the same manuscript from Rievaulx as the folios now in Cotton MS Vitellius C VIII, ff. 4r-21v. The remainder of the 8th-century, Northumbrian manuscript in Cotton MS Vitellius C VIII, ff. 85r-90v is now Cambridge, Trinity College, B. 10. 5. Other leaves from the fragment of a theological treatise which is now Cotton MS Vitellius C VIII, ff. 157-64 are Cotton MS Claudius C. VI, ff. 1, 205; Cotton MS Vespasian B. XI, ff. 145�148; Cotton MS Cleopatra E. I, ff. 184, 188, 312; and Cotton MS Cleopatra E. IV, ff. 1, 475.Contents:f. 1r: A flyleaf with early modern shelfmark. f. 2r: An early modern table of contents. f. 3r: An early modern book plate.  ff. 4r-21v: Texts copied at Rievaulx Abbey in the late 12th century, including Peter Abelard, Versus ad Astralabium Filium Suum ; an incomplete copy of Dares Phrygius, De Bello Troiano ; a chronicle of England, AD 162�1121. ff. 22r-25v: Old English texts on calculating time and days copied in the first half of the 11th century, possibly at Winchester, with a Latin text written in green in a circle on f. 25v. ff. 26r-85v: The fullest surviving collection of Adam Marsh's letters, copied the last third of the 13th century.  ff. 85r-90v: St Paul, Epistula� Text continues in the catalogue record� Text continues in the catalogue record