The Sherborne Missal is the largest, most lavishly decorated late medieval English service book to have survived the Reformation intact. The manuscript was made for the Benedictine abbey of St Mary�s in Sherborne, Dorset. It was probably produced between 1399-1407, since it contains portraits of Robert Bruyning, abbot of Sherborne (incumbent 1385-1415), portraits and arms of Richard Mitford, bishop of Salisbury (incumbent 1396-1407), and the coat of arms of Henry V as Prince of Wales (title held 1399-1413). The key patron of the manuscript was probably Robert Bruyning, abbot of Sherborne, who is depicted in the illumination over a hundred times (e.g., pp. 36, 218, 260, 276, 279, 376, 387, 388), often with his motto, �laus sit trinitati� (praise be to the Trinity). The lead scribe was John Whas, monk of Sherborne, who is named in the colophons (pp. 215, 358, 377, 661) and is portrayed in the illumination (e.g., pp. 27, 216, 276). The lead illuminator was John Siferwas, a Dominican friar, who also provided portraits of himself in the decoration (e.g. pp. 47, 81, 216, 276).Contents: (N.B.: The manuscript is paginated, not foliated. Each side of a leaf has a unique page number, rather than following the traditional recto/verso conventi� Text continues in the catalogue record