This volume contains the vakfiye or deed of endowment drawn up for Mehmet Ali Pa�a (Muhammad Ali Pasha) in respect of the medrese and library which he founded at Kavala, his hometown, in Aegean Macedonia (contemporary Greece/Egejska Makedonija). For the codicil to this deed, see Or 16281. Mehmet Ali Pa�a (1182-1265 AH/1769-1849 CE) was effectively ruler of Ottoman Egypt from about 1226 AH (1811 CE) until his death. Educational reform was one of many fields in which he played an important role in the revitalization of Egypt.The full name and epithets of the reigning Sultan, II Mahmud, are included, written in gold, on f 2v. There are three lines of siyakat script below the colophon inscription, including the date 1232 AH (1816-17 CE). There is also a brief addition to the text in a panel in the margin, in the hand of the copyist, on f 3r.Heading:İ�bu vakfiye mamul biha mucebince amel olunup tebdil ve ta�yirine tecasürden bi-gayet hazır olaBegins:Besmele Cevahir-i hamd ü sipas ve zevahir-i �ükr-i bi-kiyas Ol Sanı-i kavaim-i medrese-yi meniye-yi hak ve Vazi'-i da'aim-i kubbe-yi hücürat-i eflak The text features cloudbands on gold background throughout and an ornate unvan on f 1v that bears traces of Western European influence. There i� Text continues in the catalogue record