passim. Songs for a treble voice, with a bass figured for harpsichord; except in no. 13, which is unaccompanied. Nos. 1-7 are in the hand of Matthew Lock. 1. 'Cupid once, when weary grown.' By Pelham Humfrey. [In <Choice Ayres>, 1679.] f. 4b. 2. 'Cloris, qui domptetout le nionde.' Anonymous. f. 5b. 3. 'Hark, hark, hark! The storm grows lowd.' 'Pel. Humphrys.' [In <Choice Ayres>, 1676.] In two keys. ff.7b, 14b. 4. 'I'le have no more dealing, fond Cupid, with thee.' By William Gregory. [In <Choice Ayres>, 1676.] f. 9b. 5. 'Thirsis, I wish.' 'Wm. Gregory.' In two keys. ff. 10b, 13b. 6. 'Sing forth, sweet Cherubin.' 'M[atthew] L[ock].' f. 11b. 7. 'No, my divine Fidea.' 'Hen. Lawes.' f. 12b. 8. 'In a soft vision of the night.' 'Mathew Locke.' [In <Choice Ayres>, 1679.] ff. 15b-17. 9. 'Tir'd with destroying.' 'John Blow.' f. 19b. 10. 'How I have serv'd'; with 3-part chorus. By the same. [In Playford's <Theatre of Music>, 1687.] f. 20b. 11. 'Hero and Leander,' begins 'Nor com'st thou yett.' '[Nic] Laniere ' or 'Lanear.' [In <Choice Ayres>, 1683.] f. 22b. 12. 'Oh, ye sad day.' 'Pel. Humphreys.' [In <Harmonia Sacra>, 1688.] f. 28b. 13. 'Where shall my troubled soul'; with echo. 'Capt. [Henry] Cooke� Text continues in the catalogue record