ff. 2, 2b, 8b. Compositions for Lute; after 1614. 1. 'Almaine.' 'Candishe' (? = M. Cavendish). f. 2. 2, 3. Two pieces, without names. Anonymous. f. 2. 4. 'Curranto.' f. 2b. 5. 'Ut re my fa sol la.' 'Dyomedes' [of Venice, lutenist to Sigismund II, of Poland]. f. 8b. f. 3. 'Awake, ye wofull weights' (sic): melody of a song with lute accompaniment, in tablature; after 1614. The words are from 'Damon and Pythias,' which was set to music by Richard Edwards and performed at Court about 1566. {J.H. Long, 'Music & Letters', 1967?, on this song?}ff. 3b-23 passim. Songs, or possibly in some cases the treble of part-songs, with a lute accompaniment in tablature; after 1614. Anonymous, unless the contrary is stated. For nos. 1 and 7, see <Popular Music>, i, pp. 106, 111. 1. 'O deathe, rock me asleepe.' Different from Add MS 30480, f . 37b. f. 3b. 2. 'In youthlye yeeres.' f. 14b. 3. '... unto my fame a mortall wounde.' Imperfect at the beginning, f. 15. 4. 'Treade Juno's steps.' f. 15b. 5. 'Synce my joyes thoroughe Phillis' frownes.' f. 16. 6. 'Have you seene but a Whyte Lillie grow ': the second verse of 'See the chariot ' {The Devil is an Ass} by Ben Jonson. (Appears in Add MS 29481, f. 21, with slight variations in the words and music� Text continues in the catalogue record