ff. 4-15, 52b. Collection of dances and other tunes for 2 Lutes, the part for the 2nd lute consisting, in nos. 8-14, of a mere ground bass. 1. 'The pauecheo.' First part wanting. '[Robert ?] Johnsone.' f. 4. 2. 'Lauecheogallyerde.' 'Johnsone.' ff. 4, 4b. 3. 'The flatt pauion' (sc. pavan). 4. Galliard belonging to the preceding number. f. 5b. 5. 'Drewrie's accordes.' ff. 6, 6b. 6. 'De la trumba.' This and nos. 7-9 are anonymous. ff. 6b, 7b. 7. 'La (sic) rosignoll.' ff. 8, 8b. 8. A piece without name. ff. 8b, 9. 9. 'The Quadro pauing' (sc. pavan). ff. 9b, 10. 10. Spanish pavan. 'Alfonces [? Ferrabosco].' ff. 10b, 11. 11. 'The pauinge of Allason's' (? by 'Johnsone.' ff. 4b, 5. Richard Allison). ff. 11b, 12. 12. 'The Quadro galyerd.' Anonymous. ff. 12b, 13 (see also f. 8). 13. A piece without name. 'Johnson.' ff. 13b, 14. 14. Another. Anonymous. ff. 14b, 15. 15. 'The battelle.' Anonymous. ff. 52b-54.ff. 14-51b passim. Collection of dances and other tunes arranged for Lute. Folios 4-36 and 52b-54 were transcribed in 1616 by Jane Pickeringe (probably the Jane Puckering whose father, Sir Thomas, was created a baronet in 1612 and whose aunt Dorothy married Sir Adam Newton, tutor to prince Henry); ff. 37-45b and 51b-46 (reversed) appear to� Text continues in the catalogue record