Recto (P.Oxy. XIV 1648, TM 29012): Late-second-century register containing abstracts of contracts and other transactions concerning the property of a family, deposited in the archives of Oxyrhynchus. The transactions include sale of slaves, house-property and land, tax-receipts, a loan, divisions of property. The Yale portion was part of another papyrus and presumably comes from a different office; it preserves a register of confiscated land and dates to Commodus� reign (180-192).  Verso (P.Oxy. I 33, TM 58945): Acta Appiani , latest of the Acta Alexandrinorum (corpus of sub-literary papyri concerned with the hearings of prominent Greek Alexandrians before the Roman emperors, often ending in the torture or death of the delegates), with report of the hearing held in Rome before the emperor Commodus involving a certain Appian, gymnasiarch in Alexandria and ambassador. The grain trade between Alexandria and Rome is concerned. Appian is led away for execution twice. The text includes dialogues and short narrative parts to introduce direct speech. Another fragment is now in the Beinecke Library, Yale (P. CtYBR 1536 (B)).