A collection of Irish texts from the Ulster, Finn and mythological cycles. Also some religious and glossarial material. A detailed catalogue description is provided in O'Grady and Flower, Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts , II, pp. 298-323. Contents:ff. 1-10 are later inserted paper leaves.ff. 1r-2v: An English account of the manuscript, identifying 22 chapters.ff. 3r�4r: A Latin account of the early inhabitants of Ireland.f. 5r: A Latin account of Fintan mac Bóchra's descendants. ff. 6r-8v: A Latin adaptation of Aided Clainne Tuirenn . Ends fragmentarily at the battle between Lugh and the Danes (who take the place of the Fomorians). f. 9r-v: The conclusion of a religious tract in Latin.f. 10r-v: A Gaelic text. Addressed to Henry Spelman on the verso.ff. 11, 78: Parchment flyleaves. ff. 12r�20v: Immram curaig Mail Dúin.  Incomplete. One unfoliated parchment leaf after f. 20.ff. 21r�24v: Old Irish treatise on the Psalter.f. 24v: Four quatrains on disqualifying properties. f. 25r-v: Mec Teline di feruib Mumon cenn imubaghau hErind. f. 25v: Scéla Guairi meic Colmáin ocus �enu moccu Loígse . ff. 25v-26r: The song of Créde, daughter of Guaire. f. 26r�v: Comrac Líadaine ocus Cuirithir .  f. 26v: Scéla Siluester ocus Constantin .  ff. 27r�35r:� Text continues in the catalogue record� Text continues in the catalogue record� Text continues in the catalogue record